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2021 Spring Parade of Homes

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Custom Luxury Builds on the Parade of Homes Tour

The 2021 Spring Parade of Homes Tour on April 24th and 25th will feature two Uccello Development communities: The Residences at Fox Hopyard and The Preserve at Whippoorwill Way. During the tour, Nick Uccello will be available to answer your questions about the custom home building process!!!. Keep reading for some of the top topics of the weekend. 



The Fear of Building New

One of the biggest challenges with new construction is that buyers do not have a finished product to look at. When buying a resale, people can walk into the home, feel the walls, and see the finished layout. When building a new house, a model home may be available to tour, but as customizations take place, blueprints, plans, and renderings of pictures must be heavily relied on. 

Not being able to see a finished product, along with the selection process, can be overwhelming. However, as you work with your builder, you will be able to walk through the process step-by-step, resulting in an extremely rewarding finished product.


Custom Luxury Homes

With Uccello Development, custom luxury homes entail much more than building a modular and repeating it throughout a community. At the Residences at Fox Hopyard, every time a spec house is completed, it is custom, meaning no two houses are exactly alike. Buyers can look at eleven different stock plans, develop a customized version, or create a completely custom house. 

With endless options and inspirations throughout the development, buyers can begin to visualize what the home will look like while adding their personal touches. It’s an opportunity for the buyer to make it theirs, as opposed to buying someone else’s idea. 


A Luxury Budget

Building luxury doesn’t mean you need an unlimited budget. The elements that make a home look and feel high-end are the details: lighting fixtures, doorknobs, cabinet handles, and faucets can change an entire room. However, because these items are typically the last things chosen for a new build, people try to squeeze out some savings by selecting items of lesser quality. 

Instead of waiting for the end of the build to find places to save money, consider savings right from the beginning with square footage. 

When designing your house, don’t focus on square footage. Focus on the spaces that you need to live in. Open spaces that flow from one area to another allow you to eliminate unnecessary square footage, including hallways and rooms you will not utilize. 

Visualize where you will spend the majority of your time: the living room, kitchen, master ensuite. Quality finishes will always equate to luxury, so instead of focusing on the size of the home, select materials of high caliber. 


2021 Trends

As we enter 2021, cool colors, including grays, continue to attract more people than warm tones such as beige. This shift began a few years ago and is expected to continue.

Trends that are starting to come into the mainstream include colored windows. Black and dark-colored window frames are appearing in more homes. When paired against light-colored walls or exterior paint, the contrast is stunning. 

Of course, we can’t talk about trends without discussing the details in the home. Brass fixtures are making a comeback in the bathroom and kitchen. Lighting fixtures, considered the jewelry of the house, make a statement in any room. By selecting quality items, you will be able to enjoy these features for years to come. When it does come time to replace, new lighting and other fixtures can give a facelift to a house without a complete remodel. 

Looking for more info? Visit www.pohct.com. Looking forward to seeing you on the tour!!!

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